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The mystery novel, "Miami Confidential" has a fantastic blend of suspense, comedy, and seduction, all wrapped into one. This saucy yet playful story is the perfect summertime read! A brilliant combination of characters will keep you laughing through the end, with a budding romance hot enough to break a sweat!


Set on the steamy, sizzling coast of Miami, several disappearances have occurred over the past few months that have negatively impacted the tourism business. The hotel manager, Nicole D'Angelo, quickly finds that her sleepy, quiet life will soon be turned upside down. Business is barely surviving the tourist drought, so when several guests go missing from Nicole's hotel, she is faced with discreetly resolving the disappearances while simultaneously saving her hotel's reputation. It's Amateur Hour as Nicole and her gang of oddly-matched misfits come together in this race against the clock. All the while her bleak dating life unexpectedly takes on a new direction as she becomes infatuated with the new guy in town - a rather charming and captivating businessman. Nicole’s hands are more than full as she struggles to balance a new love interest, her financially strapped business, a dysfunctional family life, and her confidential investigations of the strange vanishings.

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