About the Author


MEREDITH WARD with her background in psychology, she inevitably found herself drawn toward the undeniable pull to write. Starting at a young age, her love for literature manifested as lighthearted short stories scribbled on notepad paper which she then read tirelessly to her parents. She now lives in Houston where she practices psychology and continues her innate passion for writing.

Writing Miami Confidential


What a thrilling ride it has been so far! For a story idea that was triggered during a midnight taco food run, it certainly developed into a beast of its own.


In the beginning stages, I toyed with the general story-line for a bit until it fused into a skeletal plot. With the bones of the story in place, I rushed on to my favorite part of the writing process...the characters!

For me, the character development was hands down the most exciting part of writing. I'm not quite sure if my fascination with characters stem from my studies in psychology, but in my first draft, I probably spent more time introducing the characters than the actual theme. My editor can testify to it! Creating the individual characters with their variety of traits and personalities felt a lot like weaving different pieces of a puzzle together in order to form one cohesive picture.


The original story endured several (and might I add, essential) rounds of editing with the little red pen. Thanks to my editor, Brandon DeHoyos, "Miami Confidential" evolved into what it is today. 

More adventures are to come as I continue to work on the second book in the "Miami Confidential" series, which is projected to be released in 2018. So mark your calendars for the sequel everyone...because Nicole's upcoming adventures are even spicier than before!